Bel Viso Elixir

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Bel Viso Elixir, meaning Beautiful Face Potion. Available in a 100ml blue container to protect the contents from degrading, suitable for all skin types, apply twice daily, can be applied sparingly under the eye area and on eye lids but avoid direct contact with the eyes. 


Available in Naturally Scented with no added essential oils or uplifitng Organic Sweet Orange containing Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil. A Beautiful product that is solid in the jar but turns instantly to oil on contact with the skin, absorbes easily for ultimate skin benefits. 30 month shelf life, a little goes a long way. Comes complete with a plastic spatula for easy application.


Synopsis of Ingredients 


-  Butyrospermum Parkki  

   (Organic Unrefined Fairtrade Shea Butter) 

-  Simmondsia Chinensis 

   (Organic Jojoba Oil)

-  Cocos Nucifera 

   (Organic Virgin Coconut Oil) 


The Sweet Orange Balm contains 

-  Citrus sinensis

   (Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil)


Skin Benefits Include:

- Dry skin 

- Skin rash 

- After Tanning 

- Eczema / Psoriasis / Dermatitis 

- Skin allergies i.e. Poison Ivy / Poison Oak 

- Muscle fatique, aches and tension 

- Insect bites 

- Stretch marks 

- Cold Weather rescue 

- Rough skin 

- Sunburn 

- Blemishes and wrinkles 

- Delays the apperance of wrinkles and 

  skin sagging

- Contains natural antioxidants to prevent 

  premature aging

- Moisturising and protecting 

- Balances oil production 

- Easily absorbed 


Organic Sweet Orange Balm has all of the above benefits and also includes the extra benefits of:

-  Eliminates toxins, stimulates lymphatic 


-  Supports collagen formation 

-  Fresh and uplifting 

-  Helps with nervous tension and stress 

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